Partners and participation


Naturalis Biodiversity Center is a natural history museum, collection, research institute, and digital infrastructure in one.

With one of the largest natural history collections in the world, Naturalis offers a unique scientific infrastructure: our national collection is a veritable time machine that enables scientists to map the biological and geological diversity of the past, present, and future.

Naturalis is a leading institute in terms of size of the collection and progress in digitizing this, and also wants to be a leading player in the automated identification of species.


Observation International is a public, real-time database based on citizen science with a focus on biodiversity. We cover all species groups and strive for high-quality data. To achieve this, new data is checked daily by several volunteers who spend many hours every day checking the data. We collect data but do not interpret it. We actively collaborate with other groups to make the data available for everyone. We provide a central data point for nature-minded people who want to collect their nature sightings.


COSMONiO® designs cutting-edge AI systems that automate the process of extracting visual information from images even under the most challenging conditions.

What sets COSMONiO apart from the competition is the universal nature of its self-learning algorithms that can be trained to perform multiple tasks from single-cell microorganism analysis to outer space exploration.

COSMONiO has engineered NOUS™, an all-inclusive, active, deep-learning system that any user can train through an intuitive interface. Complex pattern-recognition problems in the fields of biology, health, defense, industrial inspection, and space exploration can now be solved within minutes.